Saturday, September 13, 2008

Florida Man Dies After 3 Taser Stuns by Deputy

PLANT CITY, Fla. — "A 46-year-old man died after a Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office deputy stunned him three times with a Taser.

Roney Wilson's family called deputies to their Tampa-area home Thursday evening, saying Wilson was off his medication and behaving violently.

When deputies arrived at the scene, Wilson refused to leave his seat in a car. As they attempted to remove him from the vehicle, authorities say Wilson kicked a deputy in the stomach and tried running away.

Throughout the ordeal, Wilson was stunned three times.

After he was handcuffed, deputies noticed Wilson was unresponsive and had a faint pulse. He was taken to an area hospital, where he died. An autopsy is pending."

As the story is careful to be written gender neutral, the feeling I get is that this is another case of girl-cop taser use. Understandable, but doesn't make it right. The dead dude was breaking no laws until...and here's the zinger...until he refused to obey a deputy. They then tried to manhandle him, he fights DARE he... and as the French say, viola.

Job security. Someone isn't breaking the law, then hells bells, induce them to. With regards to the taser, I think it's safe to say that there's enough evidence to strongly suggest that it can no longer be considered non-lethal. "After" he was handcuffed they noticed he was unresponsive.


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