Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Black Church Sues to Close 'Redneck Shop' That Sells KKK Merchandise

COLUMBIA, S.C. — "A black South Carolina pastor and his church claim they own the building that houses a so-called Klan museum and store where KKK robes and T-shirts emblazoned with racial slurs are sold, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

The Rev. David Kennedy said the property was transferred in 1997 to his Laurens County church by a Klansman who was fighting with others inside the hate group. A clause in the deed entitles John Howard, a man who runs the store, to operate his business in the building until he dies.

Kennedy said he'd like to close the store..."

Okay stop the presses.

When Louis Farakhan is put out of business, when Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are muzzled, when Barack Obama's slimy preacher is forced to STFU, then and only then would it be appropriate to stifle a Caucasian based hate mongering group. But I don't want old Louie and Al and Jesse and Jerry tossed out like yesterdays bath water. They've a right to speak their mind, no matter how odious such discourse might be. So does the KKK.

Free speech. What a bitch, eh?

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