Monday, September 29, 2008

Intruder dies in attempted sex attack

Indianapolis - "Metro Police say a father killed an intruder in his daughter's bedroom in an apparent act of self-defense.

According to police, 52-year-old David Meyers broke into a home in the 3500 block of West 79th Street early Sunday morning and entered the bedroom of a 17-year-old girl. He was carrying condoms, a rope and a knife, wearing nothing but a mask and a pair of latex gloves.

"He had come in, apparently, with the objective of raping her," IMPD Sgt. Matt Mount said.

She was screaming as her father ran into the bedroom and fought off the attacker. When police arrived, the father had his arm around the intruder's throat and was holding him.

"The father was able to get his arm around this guy's neck and throat and has him down on the ground. The mother calls 911, the police get there," Sgt. Mount described. "They tell the guy, 'Okay, you can let go of him now, we're here, we'll take care of this.' As he then releases his hold on him and putting the cuffs on him they realize he's unresponsive."

The call to 911 revealed how frantic the situation was.

"I am hiding. He had a thing over his head. I am too scared to take it off of him, he yelled at me when I tried. I think he was trying to do something because he had no clothes and all he had was the knife."

Meyers was pronounced dead a short time later at the scene.

Police say Meyers was a convicted sex offender, released from jail after serving half of his 20-year sentence. He was registered as a sex offender in Marion County.

"He had a warrant out for his arrest in Boone County, for failing to register," Sgt. Mount said.

For the past couple years, police say, Meyers had been living with his mother. Eyewitness News learned that home is just a few yards away from the scene of the invasion.

"The father, Robert McNally, the 64-year-old dad, when they get the mask off this guy, he realizes he knows this guy," Sgt. Mount said.

Investigators say Meyers had been in the house before. His uncle was the one renting it to the family.

"So he was familiar with the layout of the home. He had gotten in through a window of a room next to the bedroom of where the 17-year-old daughter was sleeping," Sgt. Mount said.

The case will be investigated as a homicide and it will be up to the prosecutor to decide whether to press charges.

"In a case like this, you're looking at what might be called a justifiable homicide. You're protecting your daughter," Sgt. Mount said. "He was not using unnecessary deadly force, he was doing everything he could just to restrain this man."

They simply cannot help but stutter when it comes to 'civilians' protecting one another, can they?"Might be called a justifiable homicide" is of course abject nonsense. Indiana had castle doctrine even before it was called castle doctrine, so it isn't as if Sgt. Mount throws in a waffle just to cover his ass.

Nitpicking? Sure is. I simply want to see law enforcement take a stand, and plant themselves squarely beside the people they've sworn to 'protect & defend'. No bullshit, no hemming with intent to haw. Enter a home uninvited and with malice aforethought then plan on being carried out on a covered gurney.

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