Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fact-Checking FactCheck.Org on Obama and Guns

Fact-Check, or Publicists For Barack Obama as they should be referred to, is taking gun owners to task for having the audacity to think Barack will disarm America, simply because, well, he's said so before.

Silly Americans. Before means BEFORE. As anyone is quite aware, only Republicans should be held to prior stances, and/or beliefs.

NRO summarizes here.

PS: Doesn't appear to be any truth to the rumor that Fact-Check is changing its name to Fast-Check in order to accommodate the serious infusion of funds from the Obama campaign. Which they'll probably use to donate even MORE thousands of dollars to the Brady Bunch. Didn't know they were BIG Brady backers? Do now.

UPDATE: We Get Letters

Question: "Why would everyone be lying? ...Why would Obama say one thing about guns one day then change his mind...?"

Answer: Because the simple fuck thought that he'd be swept into office in a landslide and wouldn't need any votes from gun owners, that's why. This makes him the worst sort of human detritus imaginable. Someone who wants to rule and can't even be honest about his own opinions. If he truly believes guns to be evil, then say so and forever shut the fuck up. I can respect a man's personal feelings, but never when he waffles just to up the vote ante.

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