Friday, September 12, 2008


There's been something bothering me. Eating away at me really. We've an American, well, sort of, running for the Presidency, an American whose brother is living in squalor and abject poverty.

I'm speaking of course about George. George Hussein Obama. Living in Nairobi on a dollar, a DOLLAR a month.

Now, Obo and Michelle donate roughly 5% of their income to charity, as opposed to say John McCain who forks over 25%, so we can't expect John to support George. No way. Love him or hate him, John has given enough. But poor George is living like an animal, while his brother and sister in law earned a couple million between them last year alone.

Since the lefties, Democrats, loons, socialist scum, whatever you wish to refer to them as, since they don't care that a possible American President could have a destitute brother, I think its up to us.

So I'm asking. If I, or any of us can reach George, I'm asking that we gather together a few bucks and send it to the guy.

The SAVE GEORGE foundation could be started, with all monies going directly to him, and to assure that we really shouldn't let any community ambulance chasers looking to screw with the on the deal or not a cent of our cash will find its way to poor George.

Look at him. 120 degrees in the shade and the guy is wearing a ski cap and a sweater because its all he can afford. Some hand me downs, or rags picked from an HIV-infected dumpster no doubt.

Charity begins at home. Barack has even said as much, but I guess he doesn't mean his home, because if he was going to act he would already have done so.

While the Yellowstream Media flocks to Alaska to find dirt on Sarah Palin's ex brother in law, WE should show them how Americans REALLY act and find Barack's brother and give the guy a decent meal.


It's the Christian thing to do.

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