Friday, September 26, 2008

Court Throws Out Lawsuit Over Philly Gun Laws

"Philadelphia officials cannot enact gun laws tougher than Pennsylvania's law, a state appeals court ruled Friday in throwing out city ordinances that included limiting gun purchases to one a month and banning assault weapons."

Good thing, too. I know lotsa folks in Philly, and not all of 'em can afford, or maybe just don't want to buy a gun a month. Might be a good idea to let the people decide how to exercise their Constitutional rights, ya think. And to shine a harsh but necessary light on the elephant in the room, just don't travel into the black sections of town if you prefer not to be killed, or robbed, or raped. Sooner or later they'll kill each other off, and once the smoke clears folks can go back to being Americans again and owning whatever the hell they want to own without mamby pamby apologists thinking they can resurrect a dying culture by feeding us to it.

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