Thursday, September 18, 2008

Police warn against allowing children to have fake guns

YONKERS - "Police are warning parents not to allow their children to carry fake handguns after two 13-year-old boys, one from New Rochelle and the other from the Bronx, were accused of using a toy while trying to rob a city man Sunday.

Holding up the gun equipped with a bullet clip at a news conference at police headquarters, Commissioner Edmund Hartnett said, "It looks like a very real gun."

Ah, Mr. Ed? What it looks like is a cheap toy, complete with the obligatory red tip. First you frightened little fella's demanded that all toy guns have a distinguishing characteristic to separate them from the real thing, and after the manufacturer's comply you STILL complain.

Is it so very terrible for someone other than law enforcement to have anything even remotely resembling a firearm, Mr. Ed?

I mean, c'mon Ed, get real. Why is it that when bad guys do something stupid you and your ilk take it out on the innocent.

And, Ed? Ain't no such a'thing as a "bullet-clip" for the semi-auto you're holding. Toy, or no toy. Called a MAGAZINE, Ed. Go look it up if you don't believe me, and next time please remember that we like our workers to have at least a passing fancy regarding attention to detail. If you simply cannot tell a red-tipped toy gun from a real gun, then at least brush up on the terminology.

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riley said...

omg lie lie lie >:o