Saturday, September 13, 2008

Not Only Will They Poke Your Eye Out...

NZ gun laws review after police shooting

"Gun laws in New Zealand are to be reviewed following the shooting death of a police officer by a weapon believed to be an air rifle.

Police Commissioner Howard Broad said on Friday he would be reviewing the Arms Act, after Sergeant Don Wilkinson was shot and killed, and another officer badly injured.

Air rifles in New Zealand do not need to be licensed and can be legally shipped into the country by people aged over 18.

"Clearly the impact of the shot yesterday, which was fatal, is sufficient of itself to cause concern," Broad told Radio New Zealand.

"In respect of the other officer, he was protected by stab-resistant body-armour but he was wounded on at least two other spots, and quite seriously wounded, so it is deeply concerning," Broad told Radio New Zealand.

Wilkinson and another unnamed officer on a covert operation were gunned down after they were spotted planting a tracking device on a car outside a suspected drug lab.

The two policemen had fled the property after being discovered, allegedly chased by men in a car, and were shot after running about 75 metres.

Broad said he had policy responsibility for the Arms Act and some changes to the law had been in train for some time.

"A lot of them actually look like the genuine article weapon and so we always worry about the fact that people think that they can just wander around with an air pistol or an air rifle and other people are going to react as though it was the real weapon," he said.

Chairman of the NZ Council of Licensed Firearms Owners, John Howat, backed changes to the law.

"Some of those air guns are as powerful as a high-powered hunting rifle," Howat said."


"Believed" to be an air rifle? Well is it or isn't it?

And please now, someone, anyone, clue me in on where I can find an airgun as powerful as a major hunting rifle.

I know that New Zealand is famous for its sheep, but this is beyond the pale. A supposed firearms advocate not only agreeing with ludicrous gun control measures, but lying to scare the public into thinking air rifles to be elephant guns.


See what happens when you don't have a real Constitution?

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