Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For Those Who Think China Only Poisons OUR Kids...

Chinese baby milk toll escalates

"More than 6,200 babies have fallen ill after drinking milk made from contaminated powder, Chinese Health Minister Chen Zhu has announced.

The figure is five times higher than previously announced.

Mr Chen said a third baby had now died - with the latest fatality occurring in the Zhejiang province of eastern China.

Chinese state television reported that the chemical melamine had been found in 22 brands of powder - not one as previously thought.

Mr Chen said a total of 6,244 infants were now sick, and that the number of those diagnosed with "acute kidney failure" had risen to 158."

Difficult to hide such goings on in the modern age of instantaneous communication, otherwise it'd be business as usual for the monstrosities running China. NOTHING will prevent nor even slow down their race to prove to the world that all other peoples are cultureless subhumans*, so whats the big deal about a few babies dying when compared to progress.

* DISCLAIMER: Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, most of Africa, and anyplace with a majority of voters registered as democrats happen to BE populated by subhumans so they don't count.

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