Tuesday, September 02, 2008

More On Texas Teachers Packing

And guess who doesn't like the idea...

In the wake of recent media reports that a small Texas school system is allowing personnel to bring guns to school, you may be wondering if the same policy would be a good idea in Tate County.

"What happens if a teacher is in an altercation with a student, and the teacher has the gun on their person, and the student gets the gun away from the teacher? Now they have a deadly weapon."

Senatobia Police Chief John Boyd

And what happens should lightning strike at the very moment a gun is drawn and it induces the weapon to go full-auto and kill dozens of innocent bystanders, then after it is tossed away lands atop a flammable piece of furniture that ignites and burns down not only the school but the entire neighborhood.

Better yet, what happens when a poorly trained cop shoots himself or someone else because negligent-discharge-waiting-to-happen should replace the identification marks on their patrol vehicles.

Oh. Don't wanna talk about when law enforcement screws the pooch, do you, chief. Didn't think so. Firearms are ONLY legitimate when in the hands of the authorities. Gotcha, Adolph, I mean, John.

Pictured, and captioned thusly:
Senatobia Police Chief John Boyd demostrates (sic) the difficulty of distinguishing between toy and real guns at a recent gun safety class at Senatobia Elementary School.

Thanks to The War on Guns for the link.

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