Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Retired Major of Marines Jack sends the following list of consumables for servicemen/women stationed in Afghanistan. Our wonderful post office will not deliver mail unless a specific individual is named as the recipient, so if you're having a problem finding one, please email me and I'll forward the Major's email address.

Food / Snacks:-Coffee (Ground/filters)
--Star bucks coffee (instant Packets)
-Hot Sauces (fast food packets - BBQ, Ketchup)
-Beef Jerky
-Cocoa (with marshmallows)
-Power Bars / Protein Bars / Cliff Bars
-Candy / Gum (hard candy or heat tolerant candy like tootsie rolls)
-Drinks Mixes (singles) Kool-aid / Gatorade / Crystal Light
-Dried Fruit / Raisins
-Tuna in cans or pouches - any type
-Cup Noodles or Ramen
-Protein Powder
-Mac & Cheese
-Flower Tortillas

Toiletries: (All)-Baby Wipes (Note this is the #1 item requested by Field Troops)
-Foot Powder (or something that will dry boots)
-Body Powder
-Disposal Razors & Shave Cream
-Tooth Paste
-Tooth Brush
-Eye wash
-Hand Cleanser (Small / Waterless)
-Shaving cream
-Dental floss
-Mouth wash
-hair clippers
-laundry detergent
-body wash
-Dr, Scholls inserts
-Q tips
-Electric razors
-Nail clippers
-Chap stick

ServiceWomen-Requested items
-Personnel Hygiene Products (Sanitary Napkins / other)
-Feminine Wash
-Feminine Wipes
-Hair Rubber Bands
-Hair Gel (for all types of Ethnicity)
-Face Wash
-Manicure Kits
-Wash Clothes
-Sun Block
-Sun Glass (Ballistic) They tend to lose there all the time.

-Socks (Heavy Duty / Black, White, Green & Brown)
-Pt shorts
-Boot laces
-Hand Warmers
-Mouse Traps
-Card and or letters (Pen Pals)
-AA and AAA Batteries
-CD's / DVD's (see SUPPORTERS "AMVETS Task Force DVD")
-Pens / Pencils
-Disposable Cameras
-International Phone Cards (see SUPPORTERS "Cell Phones")
-Insect Repellent
-Playing Cards
-Cigars (I have been advised not to worry about the health issues as IEDs and bullets are far more dangerous)

Note: No Compressed Air Products (i.e. Hair Spray)
         No Glass Containers (use plastic containers)

To reiterate, BABY WIPES is the single most asked for item on everyone's list. Generally speaking, Army units have room for some degree of storage but Marines do not so anything you send to a Marine unit should be an item(s) that can be easily transported by an individual and most certainly have a reasonable expiration date. Power Bars yes, chocolate treats no. It's a scazillion degrees so do the math. I have many lists of individuals prepared to accept care packages for their units but Major Jack is the honcho and can steer you the right way. Posting an active Marine's name on some Google blog isn't the smartest thing to do and while I was never considered smart I ain't too dumb either.

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