Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pentagon Asks Media To Keep SEAL Members Secret

Responding to safety concerns from the elite troops who killed Osama bin Laden, the Pentagon asked media outlets on Friday not to report their identities if the names somehow leak out.

Defense Department officials fear that the Navy SEALs and other special operations personnel who conducted the raid, as well as family members, could become targets of al-Qaida members or sympathizers seeking payback for the mission in Pakistan.

“There has been such interest in this story, and a lot of probing into details regarding this operation, that there would be concern that someone might reveal the identities of people who were involved,” said Pentagon spokesmen Col. David Lapan.

Believe it or not, the DOD isn't as worried about what the taliban will do, so much as what American lefty lunatics will, but can't just come out and say it. There are enumerable commie politicians who'd spit out the names and addresses of each and every member of ST6 just for a chance to be praised in the HuffPost and/or by the KosKids.


bah_humbug said...

Somebody better put a muzzle on that idiotic clown Joe Biden before he comes out with something like this: "...We honor the members of Seal Team Six - and must be careful not to reveal any operational details which might compromise their identities. Why just the other day I was visiting Jack Mahogoff of Seal Team Six down in the beautiful town of Springfield, Tx. - He's the one who actually put the bullets through OBLs head - Anyway his wife is a nurse at the local hospital and his twin sons kids go to Barak Obama Elementary school where their whole 1st grade class made a giant sign honoring my visit. We had a great time playing basketball in their driveway with all the kids on Sunnyview Circle. - They have a great setup down there at the end of the circle - just like playing in The Garden. We wouldn't want to put Jack's familty in danger by revealing too many details."

Fits said...

Vice President's are supposed to be idiots but Biden redefines both the definition and the position.

There's almost a guarantee he'll spill the beans to someone;the hope being that whomever he blabs to has more common sense.

BobG said...

If they gave a Nobel Prize for stupid, Biden would win it, hands down.

Fits said...

I think they do. They just changed the name to "Peace Prize".

Anonymous said...

I would not like to be the man who spilled the beans as to specific identy of a seal who was then attacked or had his family attacked as a result of my information.
Even if the attack were successful I can guarantee his other seal buddies would not react in a pleasant manner.
This thought is one all politicians and reporters should consider.
Paul in Texas

Fits said...

Good point, Paul.