Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Prime Example

As of late, I find myself using Amazon Prime. Free shipping, guaranteed two-day delivery, and for an extra $3.99 they guarantee 1 day delivery. That can mean ordering something on a Monday AM and getting it on a Tuesday PM.

You pay extra for Prime but if you  use the free shipping it ads up and one can be way ahead in a short period of time. For example; last month I ordered a portable A/C unit that weighed over 100 lbs and the shipping alone would have been something along the lines of $60 smackerooni's. But two days later it arrived from Amazon with no extra charges attached, and of course no sales tax either.

It's a good service but only if they keep to their word. For the second time in as many months I ordered something, and since the CLICK-HERE for next day delivery was only that measly $4, I bit, and instead got bit. Then some little weasel from Amazon has the gall to tell me that "Well, we can't GUARANTEE shipping or delivery" on a certain date, and it was all I could do to permit him the luxury of breathing without a tube.

The 4 bucks isn't the point, neither is the delivery speed. Hell, it wasn't rattlesnake anti-venom, just the principal. As someone who has been on the net since 1990 I've run the gambit of good bad and ugly and even began to believe that Amazon was better than eBay.

But not really. Well maybe a smidgen, smidgen and a quarter, but eBay sucks so bad that isn't high praise.

So as a Prime member you can get something delivered for free on a certain date but there's no guarantee it'll arrive on that date or you can pay extra for speedier shipping but there's no guarantee it'll arrive any speedier.

Gotcha. Hell in a handbasket I tell ya.

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