Thursday, May 05, 2011

Special Guest On Cutlery Corner...The Mastermind Behind RCR Racing

Richard Childress was on with the girls from Cutlery Corner, and it was an honor to watch and listen to 3 unintelligible men speaking over one another at the same time.

Mr. Childress was of course complimenting Queen James on his wonderful knives, and as most of the folks bereft of anything resembling a frontal lobe was agog at how low Queeny's prices were.

"And fer $10 ya'll can git a Frost Double-Tap-Justice-Is-Served, and if'n ya'll been watchin' the news you've heard of double-tap fer the past several few days and know what I mean." Queen James

"And I can't imagine for the life of me wonder why anyone wouldn't want to put off not buying these knives right away..." Todd (Mullet...What Mullet) Boone.

Some are $10, some are $12. Can't beat it with a stick, and check out old Osama on the blade. Classy. Click for a closer view, and isn't it a shame the old Queen couldn't get one a' them pics of Osama with holes in his head.

Oh and for all the lawyers out there, how long before Osama's relatives sue Frost for using his likeness on a commercial product?

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