Thursday, May 05, 2011

Last Word...For Now... On New Florida Gun Bill 234

1. Provides protection for concealed weapons license holders to prevent license holders from being charged with the crime of violating the "Open Carry" law because a concealed firearm accidentally or inadvertently became visible.
You're getting in or out of your vehicle. Taking off, or donning a cover garment...jacket, coat, etc...and your handgun is exposed during the process. This is no longer a crime 
2. Provides that concealed weapons license holders may store a firearm in private vehicle anywhere the vehicle is lawfully parked except those places that are exempted under s. 790.251(7) -- the parking lot law.
The local deli or some other dirty place cannot legally tell you to go home and leave the gun there before returning. The 2nd Amendment is not declared null and void simply because some hoplophobe is having a canary.
3. Removes the obsolete firearms purchase in contiguous state law previously required by federal law for out of state purchases of long guns and replaces it with language to conform to current federal requirements that allows purchase of long guns in other states.

Prior to this redefining of the law, Florida residents could not order long guns from a non-contiguous state. Now we can.

By the way, the Florida House passed the thing by a vote of 99-17. We have many friends in the House and are working on the Senate for the continuation of the fight to get open carry. The House has already said they're on-board for the battle.

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