Friday, May 27, 2011

Sans Teleprompter...Obama Botches Toast To Queen

Moron Proves Why He Wasn't On The Royal Wedding Guest List


President Obama botched his toast to the Queen on Tuesday night, delivering his remarks at the wrong time, awkwardly resulting in no one drinking from their glasses.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please stand with me and raise your glasses as I propose a toast. To Her Majesty the Queen," the commander-in-chief said at the Buckingham Palace state dinner. Then, the orchestra -- apparently thinking Obama was finished -- began playing "God Save the Queen."

Instead of waiting for the British anthem to finish, Obama plodded through his toast, quoting Shakespeare and praising the relationship between Britain and the U.S. But when he raised his glass, no one else followed suit, as the band played on.

The Queen merely glanced in Obama's direction while others stoically looked ahead. Obama nervously placed his glass back on the table and waited for the song to end, at which point the Queen raised her glass.

This is the guy who was going to charm the rest of the world into liking us again.

Laughing at us maybe, liking us, not a chance. Virtually every newspaper in Britain is vilifying Barry for being such a dumbass putz.The world might at times have doubted George W. Bush's level of sophistication, but never called into question his sincerity or the lack of the necessary intelligence quotient to string together more than two words without some sort of prompting.

And one thing old George NEVER did was travel with a fatass ugly woman who listened to and extolled the goodness of cop-killer-rap.

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