Sunday, May 01, 2011

In Praise Of The Frosted Flakes

A spade is a spade and for once I'm not going to remonstrate against the grifters over at Cutlery Corner.

They've gone and cleaned up their act so very much it is time to give credit where credit is due. Hardly a mention of "Custom" knives, and this morning they featured a Kershaw Oso Sweet®, and Todd (Mullet, What's A Mullet?) Boone identified the knife as having a patented Speedsafe™ opening system; something neither he nor anyone else on Cutlery Corner has ever done.

Now, you shouldn't be even thinking of buying it from Frost because it's basically a $24 knife that you can get home for $30 all told and Frost wants $30 up front and might go as high as $13 for shipping. But this isn't the time to say well, look how much he rapes you for easily cross-referenced identical products, so why should you believe that any of his Chinaman made knives are a bargain?

No sir. Lately they steal a lot less and for that reason alone I'm cutting Queen James a break. All anyone can ask is that a company tells the truth and who cares if Lady Jimmy sells crap steel made by slave labor in commieland? Lots of folks simply can't afford anything better so Frost serves a purpose.

Thanks, and good start, Frost.

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