Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama Dead And DNA Results Took Less Than 24 Hours...

So they killed Osama on Sunday morning. And had the DNA results by Sunday night. 


They killed the guy, ran the DNA, and buried him at sea in less than 24 hours. So I guess DNA testing can show results in what, a few hours, and the reason it usually takes 6-8 weeks is because there's a backlog at the labs.



David said...

"Buried at sea..."

" my directive..." --The Zero

And the evidence is now sleeping with the fishes.

David said...

BTW, when will we start killing off the rest of the Saudis (and just taking their oil in reparation)? The twelfth of never?

Fits said...

Being old enough to remember when the Saudi's were sand fleas and little else...the Arab oil embargo changed that...the "geniuses" told us to bide our time and gas would eventually drop back to $.25 a gallon because the rag heads didn't have the stones to stick it to us.

Close on to 40 years later and they have solid gold fixtures in their palaces when our vital as all hell interests are being shat upon. They spend the rest of that money on ways to destroy us, so yep, restitution should be a bitch.

A billion dollars for every serviceman and civilian of ours they've helped kill sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

It is surprising that they can get a result that quickly. And now the body is in the ocean.... And why a seek-and-kill mission and not seek-and-capture? -- I would have preferred hanging him at a pig farm, then sending his dead body through a wood chipper for the hogs to feed upon. ( That's just me )

Fits said...

Supposedly...he put up a fight...and islamic law states that the body must be buried within 24 hours of death.

I believe none of it except for the probability that he's dead, but the Obama administration didn't want the circus a trial would bring so they embellished the rest.

Not that I'm sad that the frig is gone, but I'd have enjoyed seeing him in chains and humiliated.