Sunday, May 29, 2011

Might Be A Connection?

We purchased close to half a million AR-15's in 2009, and 2010's sales will most likely be in excess of that number.

Violent crime decreased by close to 5% from 2009 to 2010. But yes, the black/ spanish inner city gangs killed and raped and mugged as much as ever, yet they mostly kill one another lately because...

Wait for it...wait for it...

The general populace isn't as sheep-ish as it once was. Personally, I tire of hearing law enforcement get all the credit particularly since they themselves commit more criminal acts year in, year out; but I have a sneaky suspicion the Yellowstream Media isn't going to give us any kudos so pat yourself on the back, America. Ya done good.


Anonymous said...

Two years ago my neighbors asked if I could help them in the selection of a gun for home defense.
They had moved here from New York and were surprised to learn that they did not need State permission or a license to buy a gun.
I helped them make a selection at a local gun shop and gave them lessons in firearms safety and proficiency. They have since purchased another gun, a gun safe, joined the NRA, and practise regularly.
They decided to be responsible for their own safety.
They have also found a new sport they can enjoy.
Paul in Texas

Fits said...

Thank you, Paul.

Always interesting to note that many folks think they need permission...everywhere in buy a firearm.

The media helps foster this belief with those atrocious crime dramas, as well as uninformed journalists who think that it is necessary to acquire a permit in order to even buy ammo.

Sorry fellas; wishing don't make it so.