Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Detroit Muslims Mourn Terrorist Cleric

 Shi’ite Muslims in Detroit were in mourning last week for the Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, a world-renowned Lebanese cleric who died on July 4.

Three Shi’ite mosques conducted memorial services for six nights, with thousands of area Muslims attending.

That ought to give law enforcement and government officials pause, since Fadlallah was a bloodthirsty jihadist cleric who hated America and Israel, and approved of the 1983 Hezbollah attacks on a U.S. Marine barracks and the American Embassy in Beirut that killed over 300.

Yeah, yeah, different day, same old fable.
Those "peaceful moslems" who do not support terrorism...are the first to rally in abject sorrow whenever they lose a valued member of the cult. As we've said before, as long as they remain a relative minority, throughout history, moslems have been patient enough to abide where they reside.

It isn't just Robert Spencer who wonders about the "moderate, peaceful moslems", and where such a creature can be found.

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