Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RIP Straightarrow

The last time I wrote about someone "passing away", old Straight called me mamby pamby. Dead is dead, not passing anything, he said.

Charles H. Sawders, aka Straightarrow, died on July 19.

A frequent commenter here, there, and everywhere that free men strive mightily to remain so, he rang my bell once or twice before coming to the understanding that a lot of times we here at Shooting talk with tongue in cheek.

I often thought him to be an inactive Marine, such was his passion for Liberty, some times forgetting that Marines don't have the patent on bravery. He sure would have made a good one, though. I was wondering about his being AWOL as of late, but folks come and go and it was after all summer vacation time so maybe he was just touring his beloved country like all us old fella's like to do.

I miss him a lot already.

When a Patriot dies it diminishes us all and that just means it is time to work harder as we close ranks to try and plug an unfulfillable gap in the line.

Like to thank The War on Guns for alerting the net to his death, and if you'd wish to learn more or get the link to Straight's obituary and even where to leave a bereavement message, then please click here.

PS: If you do happen to click into the Funeral Parlor's site and successfully leave a message drop me a line and tell my how you managed to do so. Doesn't work for me but I'm web illiterate.

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