Monday, July 19, 2010

Mid-Summer Spring Cleaning

Don't have a lengthy blogroll, never had, probably never will. Took the time to remove some non-reciprocates, hey, if I link to you for years and you never get around to returning the favor then why bother, mmkay...and some dead-wooders, certain fella's who don't really blog much anymore, etc, but am still keeping Hammer's place listed on the slight chance he returns and resurrects the thing. All the bullswaddle aside, bottom line is I won't send you anywhere I wouldn't go myself. Except for one or two I do not wholeheartedly agree with, but serve a purpose anyway.

There are diamonds awaiting inspection that never do seem to draw a crowd, but that's the crowds loss. Showoffs need not apply, they get enough sycophants without my help. Whomever YOU support, don't forget to drop 'em, a line now and again. Unless they happen to be whining about some imaginary insult, and you know the type. "I wore my Gatling gun out in the open and some damned fool had the gall to actually look at me." Some gals folks might as well tote around a sign saying "Don't even think of focusing your eyes in my direction unless its with adoration and above all approval!"

Rant over.

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