Monday, July 12, 2010

Kagan Could Still Be A Goner If....

The nomination of Elena Kagan for the US Supreme Court took a political turn this week that could doom her hopes to reach the nation’s highest bench, and no one noticed.  The National Rifle Association announced that they will count a vote for Kagan as a vote against gun owner rights.

Why is this important?

Nine Senate Democrats, headlined by Majority Leader Harry Reid, currently have highly coveted “A” ratings with the National Rifle Association that they will be loathe to give up for an Obama nominee who equated the NRA with the KKK.

The real question is will Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell put Harry Reid in a box by forcing him to vote in favor of Kagan to get to 60 votes and break a filibuster?

The Senate math is simple.  If Kagan’s nomination is allowed on the floor for a straight up or down vote, it only takes a simple majority vote for her to be confirmed.  However, if the Senate Republicans choose to force the Democrats to invoke cloture in a recorded vote, then Kagan needs 60 votes to win, and every Republican vote for her takes one Democrat off the hook.

Why is this important?  Right now, Harry Reid will likely receive the NRA endorsement for re-election in his uphill fight to be re-elected in Nevada.

From a straight political perspective, McConnell’s ideal situation is to have a filibuster requiring a cloture vote with two Republicans voting in favor of Kagan, thus forcing all 56 Democrats along with their two ‘Independents’ to vote for Kagan in order for her nomination to move forward, costing the NRA 9 and most importantly Harry Reid, the expectation of an NRA endorsement."

And what with the Teaparty movement going strong and the country's increasing despisement of all things Obama'ish, democrats need all the help they can get. In certain braindead states such as Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, Virginia, and Pennsylvania...Fudd territory might be nigh on impossible to win re-election without an NRA endorsement, so if push really comes to shove Kagan can be tossed under the bus without a by-your-leave-sir. Um, ma'am. 

I think.

It'll remain a fight to the end because Obama's real bosses handlers don't really know any moderates to nominate so they'll crank out yet another liberal slob in the wink of an eye.

But the harder we all fight and the longer we keep them on the defensive the better our chances are in November and beyond.

Pictured above: Supreme Court Justice nominee Elena Kagan flipping America and its Constitution the bird.

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