Friday, July 16, 2010

Found: The Elusive "G-Spot"

Few months back, there was an article, damned if I can find it but I'm being lazy today, denying the existence of the "Grafenberg...or G-Spot". Well, the area itself exists but, according to the scientific evidence presented, it played little to no role in a woman's sexual arousal.

But my friends I'm here to tell you that Shooting The Messenger has FOUND the elusive G-Spot, only this one isn't pretty. 

Subsequent to a series of exhaustive studies, we've come to the irrefutable conclusion that this newly identified G-Spot not only exists, but is far more sensitive than anyone had heretofore imagined.

Friends, neighbors, esteemed partners in bloggery, I give you...The G-Spot:


"Oh, those crazy kids at They planned a pro-gun demonstration at the annual fund-raising dinner for the Legal Community Against Violence in San Francisco. Only they didn't show. It was a spoof from the beginning as they knew LCAV monitored their message board. They wanted to get LCAV all hot and bothered and worried. It worked."

Yep. The California-based "Legal Community Against Protecting Yourself From Violence, or LCAV, got wind that CalGuns was going to stage a protest at one of their fancy-schmancy get togethers, and called in the jackboots.

Why would they go through such expense at the mere thought of law abiding people showing up to peacefully speak against up them?

Simple. CalGuns hit their Gun-Spot, and hit it hard.

Now, the Gun-Spot is in all of us. For some, it stimulates pleasure, a sense of tranquility, or even a certain degree of excitation. 

But in the Anti-Gunners, it...drives...them...CRAZY.

Just go anywhere NEAR their G-Spot and watch the cha-cha begin. Like an addictive drug, the Gun-Spot once aroused CANNOT be dismissed as mere want, or even need. It demands attention and attention right here and now.

Score one for science, thanks to our friends at CalGuns. And thank you to Of Arms & The Law for the link to No Lawyers Only Guns And Money who provided the above scoop.


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