Thursday, July 01, 2010

Today's Deep Thought

Larry King is retiring. Lowest ratings in 20 years, but Mr. King says he's pulling the plug in order to spend more time with his family.

Tuned in to Larry King Live lately?

At best, Mr. King spends an hour and a half, two hours tops in prepping for and being on the air. Guess that was just too, too much time to be away from home.

"Live to Peterpuller Germany and Bassoon hobbyist Adolph Meinschwanz..." (Producer: Um, Larry, that was a gag card left on your desk, its actually Betsy Pippins from Iowa.)

"Whoops, line two then... let's start with Pimping Betty in Idaho...Welcome to Larry King Live Miss Betty, and are you now or have you ever been a drummer for the Beatles... "

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