Friday, July 23, 2010

Federal law prevents Arkansas State Police from influencing gun rights legislation

According to unnamed sources, the Arkansas State Police is opposed to legislation repealing an open carry ban in this state. The extent of their opposition is currently unknown, but if we base our expectations on what we saw in Oklahoma during their most recent legislative session, we can assume the ASP will be a principal opponent to Arkansans having their rights returned to them.
However, it is possible the Arkansas State Police will be violating federal law if they attempt to influence future gun legislation. If the Second Amendment actually does apply to the states, cities and counties of America as the Supreme Court ruled it did in June, then any police organization actively campaigning against firearms legislation would be breaking U.S. law. The Law Enforcement Misconduct Statute in U.S. Code states:
According to the Law Enforcement Misconduct Statute, it is no longer constitutionally legal for law enforcement agencies or their agents (police associations, sheriff associations, etc.) in this state to use their public pedestals to influence legislation. Doing so would be tantamount to the way law enforcement used their power such as they did in the South during the 1950’s and 1960’s to further the segregationist way of life. 
The Second Amendment is now a fundamental right in the state of Arkansas (thanks to McDonald). State agencies attempting to influence gun rights legislation will now be held accountable to the same federal regulations that prevent practices which are racist, impede free speech and otherwise promote civil rights violations."
Arkansas cops don't want Arkansas citizens to bear arms.  This isn't exactly news, as the vast majority of the constabulary does not want those they've sworn to serve and protect to have the means to exercise a certain civil right. 

Ordinarily, I couldn't care less what the servants want, but since these particular steps-and-fetch-its are armed and don't want us armed, believe me, they'll find a way to try and intimidate as many good folks as they can, and here's how.

At rallying points and meetings, all of a sudden large groups of burly, shaven-headed men arrive, dressed in regular street attire and vocally AGAINST the right to keep and bear arms. For anyone besides them, that is. They make themselves as intrusive as possible, blocking pathways, "accidentally" body slamming whichever man or woman or granny...see New Orleans, during Katrina...happens to get in their way.

"Just exercising our rights," is what they'll say, "please excuse our elbows but believe me we didn't mean to hurt anyone but crowds can get boisterous," they'll say, and towns, cities, and states run by gun-grabbers will send these goons to wherever they believe the gentry will be cowed by them. "They" have rights, too," the politicians and lawyers will say, "we can't stop them from peacefully attending meetings off duty and in civilian clothes," they'll say.

But one or two or more men and or women with the bucks to spare will take umbrage at such jackboot tactics, and retain legal council in order to bring suit against these cops-without portfolio, knowing full well that everyone in the crowd was aware that these thugs were policemen, and some might have even been scared stiff at such overt intimidation. Civil suits will be hurled back and forth, to and fro, but the damage will have been done, and really now, who wants the cops pissed off at them and weren't they jotting down people's license plate numbers and what did THAT mean?

No, they probably won't be allowed to bring their attack-dogs this time around, but they've learned their lessons from the past and will still manage to influence every last Fudd in town.

As we've all plainly seen from the likes of Chicago and other dirty places; when the powers that be don't want the little people doing something, the law does not matter.
All part of the process. Black people weren't allowed to be real people at first, but they fought long and hard and eventually they won. We will too.

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