Monday, July 26, 2010

Homeowner Shoots At Fake FBI Agents

Three men posing as FBI agents took off when the owner of a Cooper City home they were trying to rob shot at them, the Broward Sheriff's Office said.

Three men wearing baseball hats and T-shirts with the letters FBI on the back pulled a sport utility vehicle into the driveway of the home shortly after 4 a.m. Monday, Miami TV station WPLG reported. Two of the men got out of the SUV, while the third acted as a lookout, police said. The two men tried to open the home's front door with a crowbar, but that didn't work, so they tried to get in through a front window, the Sheriff's Office said.

Homeowner Malcolm Pena, 35, saw what was happening and fired his .40-caliber pistol through a window at the men, police said. The two robbers jumped into the SUV and drove away, police said.

Since this happened in Florida, all the police are likely to do to the homeowner is rag on him for failing to hit the fake feds. 

That, my friends, is gun control Sunshine State style. Other drivers are more courteous... not penpals don't get me wrong, but the thought of someone popping out of his ride at you with a GLOCK after you've just road-raged his ass is something to at least ponder...far fewer instances of bump and snatch or whatever it is they call intentionally slamming into someone else's car then stealing it from them is referred to in your neck of the woods...

...And home invaders must resort to all sorts of chicanery to stand a chance at surviving, let alone gleaning any gotten gains from their ill advised occupations.

An armed society IS a more polite...and SAFE society.

And please click the headline link, or here if you're that lazy, to see a video of these idjits at work.

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