Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wonder WHY The Russkie Spy-Swap Went Down SO Fast?

Why, to protect Hillary, but of course

The Obama administration's rapid release of 10 Russian intelligence officers removed the prospect of a public trial revealing embarrassing facts about Russian influence operations, like the targeting of a key Democratic Party financier close to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

These days, the age-old cliche of "follow-the-money" has been replaced by "follow-the-liberal", or to be even more accurate, "follow-the-clinton".

Soon that'll evolve to "follow-the-Barry", but lets not take all the winds from RodHams sails just yet. And sure, King Barry The Turd certainly must have wanted to toss Hillary to the wolves but much to his chagrin found her to be un-shit-can-able at this point in time.

Mark these words, that will change. Even though he is a pussy.

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