Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ATF Calling Out The Big Guns: Files Another Complaint Against "Red's". Declaring "Harassment And Intimidation"

"I repeat my call for a rapid response team of "minuteman" volunteers to make themselves available via a phone tree to go to gun stores being audited, and audit/document/photograph the auditors. Don't let creatures of the shadows hide there--expose them to the light and make them live there--or cravenly slink back under the baseboards where they belong. You can also help by spreading the link to this post to fellow gun owners and letting them know what is going on. BATFU is relying on people remaining uninformed and apathetic."

David Codrea.

Red's is taking another hit, as the ATF inspectors have now filed a complaint offering that have suspended their inspections because they fear for the safety of their people.

Basically, someone entered Red's, not an employee, and took some photographs of the ATF at work. This is priceless and would be funny as hell were it not so spooky.

And since the ATF apparently has decided that IT has the authority to determine who is and is not an AUTHORIZED JOURNALIST, would someone please include in the comment section here that they, as an American Citizen, do authorize me to treat this matter in a journalistic fashion.

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