Saturday, July 21, 2007

Was Just A Matter Of Time Before They Began Whining And Lying

"Police officials and law enforcement groups Thursday blamed a sharp increase in the number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty on more violent criminals who have access to deadlier weapons."

This make me sick to my stomach so go read the entire article for yourself. Blaming the sunsetting of the Assault-Weapons Ban on the rise in law enforcement shootings. And when the updated FBI stats come out showing how the average criminal fires 4 rounds to the average cop(s) who empty full capacity magazines then reload, none of the usual suspects will have a thing to say because well, criminals COULD used them scary ass Tec-9's but they just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Violent criminals have ALWAYS had access to ANY sort of firearm they so desired. That's part of what makes them CRIMINALS, you idiots. And heaven on earth stop the whining. They still use the tried and true semi-auto's and revolvers they've always used and instead of getting to the heart of the REAL problem LE wishes to blame the tool.

It ain't the tool that is missing more often than ever, fella's. How many officers are killed by their own guns, fella's? I want someone, anyone, in LE to show me the difference in shootings pre-ban versus after-ban. With regards to the guns used. And since half of the deceased officers were killed by cars, shouldn't you be focusing on THAT more so than the same-old lies?

Semi-automatic handguns were NEVER made illegal. Crooks do not stop to reload very often. The truth seems irrelevant to these cretins who'd stand on the body's of dead brothers just to spout their nonsense. 55 cops were shot to death in 2005, and we may see 62 killed the same way this year. The population grows, law enforcement grows, bad guys become more plentiful, but they blame it on GLOCKS.

Cowardly scum.

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