Sunday, July 29, 2007

First Rule For A Gunfight...

Bring a gun...

Toy Gun-Toting Robber Shot By Victim

"The Maitland Police Department received a 911 call from Kappy's Restaurant on Highway 17-92 late Thursday night.

In a police report, the owner stated he was locking up the business for the night when a male came from one side of the business and another appeared from the opposite side, carrying a handgun.

The juveniles allegedly took the money bags from the owner and ran behind the business. The owner said he was carrying his own handgun and fired off several rounds at the robbers.

While authorities were responding to the emergency call, the on-duty police supervisor set up a perimeter around the business to locate the robbers. Police spotted one of the males near the post office in Maitland and the police K-9 unit located the stolen money bags near the area.

During the search, police located the second suspect nearby with a gunshot wound to the left shoulder. He also received bites from the K-9 dog.

The toy handgun was found behind Kappy's. Both juvenile suspects have been charged with armed robbery."

It must take a considerably brain dead man, or men in this case, to, armed with only a toy gun, rob a business owner here in Florida.

Find an able bodied adult male having anything to do with money and the chances are pretty damned good that he's packing heat. Hell, males aged 30-60 carry sidearms like women carry handbags so how these dolts thought they'd get away scot free is beyond me.

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