Tuesday, July 31, 2007


About a year or so back I added the link to 100 Top Gun & Gear Sites to the favorite places section. Thought it would be a cool reference point from which interested readers could hookup with information to their liking. Then I switched to the new Blogger format and of course had to redo all of my favorite places. Now, usually Messenger was ranked somewhere from the 40's to the 70's, depending upon the traffic, etc, and to me it was no big deal and as usual I wasn't getting a penny to advertise someone else's gig. Then I tried including the link to the newly formatted version you so wisely are clicked into and lo with a hefty dash of behold, I was kicked off their list entirely. Tried logging in and seeing what the problem was but they banned me from doing even something as simple as that. Just strikes me as odd that a GUN site would act like some stupid ass government agency, that's all.

Fact of the matter is, it seems I've been Fudded. No skin off my nose, cause like I said, it was sort of a public service deal anyway. But I won't tolerate heavy handed bullshit from anyone. Particularly some jerkwad link that purports to be a friend of the 2nd but can go ahead and arbitrarily diss someone and not have the balls to answer why. As soon as I finish this post I'll delete these fraudulent asswipes from the list of links.

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