Thursday, July 26, 2007

We Get Letters

Some awfully nice people have asked how to make a donation or send a personal package to our men and women in the armed services. Here's a couple letters plus the scoop on a worthwhile organization.

Fellow Marines - Good morning everybody. Your support of my Marines here in Iraq is appreciated more than you know. Touches of home mean the world to these guys and gals. Particularly those who don’t have anyone else.
Thank you again to all the people who have been sending items…. The ice-pops some of you sent are a serious hit. Also soups (dried or microwaveable), cigars, trail mix and the like are always sure to please.
I apologize for not writing as often as I probably should. Shame on me. It is summer though, and I am assuming you all are vacationing. Hitting the beach and enjoying your lives beyond awaiting the next installment of "As The Dustbowl Turns" from me.
This was a significantly warm week. Note the enclosed picture.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is 138 degrees at approximately 3:30 in the afternoon on the 11th of July. Now I don't care where you grew up, but unless it was in the Western Sahara, 138 is Dad-blasting, mother-freaking HOT! On the bright side though, it did cool down to about 100 by around 11:00 that evening. We're watching our people closely in this stuff. I would much rather be careful than lose someone to a heat injury.
Tonight was cigar night, and should anyone wish to pop in and join us sometime please feel free.

Major Patrick Burns, MALS-29, MAG-29, 2NDMAW FWD


Aloha from Iraq,

Thank you for all your support. As you can see, some of our living conditions are not the best but the Marines don’t seem to mind – they just make the most of it. No running water, no electricity – no problem. They keep themselves occupied with the little things – scorpions, Camel Spiders, IED’s and an occasional insurgent or two. I will share the items with my fellow Marines. The coffee is a hot item. I have been working on an old medical clinic building we have taken over. The tool box is greatly appreciated. Once again, thanks for the support! Semper Fi, 1stSgt K.D. Nessl, 1st Bn, 3rd Marines, Weapons Company.


If you want to show your support to these troops and contribute to Project Marine Care, please make checks payable to:


And send to:

John Wintersteen

436 Sycamore Cir.

Danville, CA 94526

(925) 837-7750

Our Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 68-0379040 and our California State Franchise Board Organization Number is 2254883. Our State Charitable Trust number is 120356. The Department of California, Marine Corps League, is a non-profit Corporation under Section 501 (c) (4) of the IRS Code. The Marine Corps League has an exemption that allows donations for our troops to be tax-deductible.

Please pass this on to anyone you believe would like to help our TROOPS IN IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, PHILIPPINES, DJIBOUTI, KUWAIT and anywhere in “harm’s way”. While most of our packages go to Marines and Navy Corpsmen, we also ship to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Seabees any time a request comes in for them. If you would like some information on how to send boxes, email me at and we'll send you a Package Protocol and a list of goods that we update periodically.

Please put "Packages for Troops” or something similar on the Subject line so I'll know it's not "spam".

Thank you and Semper Fidelis,

John Wintersteen - Mt. Diablo Detachment 942, Marine Corps League, Lafayette, CA


"America is not at war,
Our troops are at war ;
America is at the mall."
As an aside, I keep telling nice folks like the Major who send invitations to stop on by, that well sure I'd re-insert the pin but no one has so far answered me yet on my request to find an outfit that'll point to what needs killin' then leave me be until I come a ' calling for more ammo.

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