Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Clinton News Network Puts On The Worst Show Yet...

"LAST night's "debate" may have been brought to you by YouTube with questions from viewers like you, but it got hijacked.

Of the thousands of video questions submitted, the few dozen that CNN selected to air were by and large suspiciously just like the ones that a room full of journalists inside the Beltway could have come up with.

Only worse.

To inquire about the "serious" issue of global warming, CNN honchos tapped a goofy snowman on a Web cam who asked: "As president, what will you do to ensure that my son will live a full and happy life?"

Later, a guy holding up a quarter asked the Democrats to tell the world what the words "Liberty" and "In God We Trust" on the coin mean to them personally.

The "debate" wasn't illuminating or even entertaining. Instead of sharp, pointed exchanges, we got another rambling forum with all the depth of a beauty pageant.

From the first question, it flopped. A guy named Zach from Provo asked each candidate to tell us what would make them more effective than the other candidates.

Now, that's hardball.

Left on CNN's cutting room floor were plenty of better and tougher video questions.

One asked Hillary Clinton whether her husband's philandering in office could hurt her chances of capturing the White House.

Another questioned Sen. Barack Obama, who wrote of his own drug use when he was young, and about his views on legalizing drugs."

I don't know who the dems think they're fooling. To date there hasn't been one serious debate between the interested parties, and it isn't as if this wasn't to be expected but one would imagine they'd take the kid-gloves off at least once if just to show they know how. Politician's by and large are bad actors; not good enough to make the real dough by flying to Hollywood and making money lying for a living, they take the next step down from used-car-salesman because of the power trip they can live off of until the voters get wise to one lousy performance after another.

More and more Hillary is looking less and less Presidential so at least these debates are doing SOME good. See, there's even an upside to these socialist sympathizers salivating over the chance to steal from the rich and give to the lazy. Their constituency will select the dumbest among them to carry the Fairy Flag of False Freedom and that'll make it easier for a real man to get the job.

Listening, Fred?

And PS to RodHam: NEVER wear a pumpkin-colored top when you're 5 foot nothing and shaped like a, well, pumpkin. I do hear they put out an all-points-bulletin for the chinese restaurant waiter whose uniforms were stolen but the Clinton's never do time so who cares...

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