Friday, July 20, 2007

Increase in Anti-Semitic Violence Troubles Jews in Britain

LONDON — "Jeremy Roberts will always remember February 22, the night his innocence was shattered.

At 11:45 that night, Roberts, an 18-year-old student at London Metropolitan University, left the school’s library. As always, he was wearing the skullcap of an observant Jew.

As he walked hurriedly through the rain-soaked streets of East London, a shabby neighborhood that has historically been the home of new immigrants, he noticed a man following him. The man yelled, “You F---ing Jew.”

Roberts kept walking, and then the man hurled a bottle. It met its mark and knocked Roberts unconscious.

His last memory, he said in a recent interview, was that "My face felt wet."

A passerby called an ambulance, and Roberts was treated for a gaping head wound and examined for brain injuries.

The attack on this young man was not an isolated one; it illustrates the rising level of anti-Semitic activity in Britain.

The British government itself condemns the rising incidence of anti-Semitism and has vowed aggressive action against it. The government emphasized, in a report on March 29, that it will not tolerate mistreatment of Britain's Jews.

According to government reports, the chief sources of the hatred of Jews are native-born fascists, far-left political extremists and Muslim radicals. The physical attacks are mainly directed at Orthodox Jews, who are highly visible because of their skullcaps and traditional dress. Secular Jews, who are not as easily identifiable by their clothes, are less likely to be attacked."

All together now....


One of the first things one learns when traveling abroad is that Jews are disliked pretty much everywhere except Israel. The suburb of Sydney I lived in, Rose Bay, was nicknamed Nose-Bay by the locals because it was a favored spot of Jewish vacationers. Same with London. Dislike, loathing even, but never as bad as it's become ever since the followers of Dirty Ole' Mo (TM) began arriving in force. What was once nothing more than muttered disdain burgeoned into outright hatred accompanied by physical violence, sparked 99% of the time by moslems and moslem sympathizers.

And about the only "aggressive action" the Brits CAN take is to ask the Jews not to wear their skullcaps and give a go at blending in. They're certainly NOT going to get aggressive with the moslems. Hells bells but we've been telling them for years that those folks are powder kegs awaiting the right spark but it took death and destruction to awaken Britain, and know what else?

The average Londoner breathes a sigh of relief that the average moslem has the Jew to take his frustrations out on.

Others certainly may have had dissimilar experiences, but of what I speak I've personally witnessed so there.

I've this habit of believing mine own eyes.

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