Saturday, July 21, 2007

"To Save Lives and Reduce Crime in the Nation’s Capitol, the D.C. Gun Ban Must Be Upheld"

"When the Second Amendment was written, it granted the right to bear arms. It has been commonly interpreted that the right was granted to the militia. Even if it is interpreted as an individual right, America was a very different place than when the law was written. Our law enforcement system was not as broad as it is now, and people were often forced to defend themselves against attackers. The amendment simply does not make sense for modern day society.

Let’s hope the Supreme Court ignores the power of the multi-billion dollar gun industry and considers the safety of the thousands of innocent Americans who are affected each year by gun violence."

Judge Greg Mathis. National VP of Rainbow PUSH.

No, Judge Mathis, the 2nd Amendment GRANTED absolutely NOTHING. Surprising you didn't know this. Law schools aren't what they used to be, eh?

The 2nd Amendment RECOGNIZED the right to keep and bear arms. Huge, gigantic, stupendous, titanic, enormous, difference. Mentioning that single FACT blows your diatribe off the face of the earth, so maybe you're just a liar who acts dumb when the cause is lucrative enough to disseminate for. In this case I'll be the judge and call a spade a spade a spade while inquiring as to why D.C. needs stricter laws than anywhere else in the country. And please now, your Dis-Honor, over 40 states recognize the FACT that being a militia member has nothing to do with owning and/or carrying a gun, so how in all hells does this jibe with your "commonly interpreted" nonsense?

Common to whom? Run-amok criminals you simply do not TRUST with a gun? Your own people are LESS deserving of this RIGHT? Too dumb to understand what it all means?

Good Lord what a racist.

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