Thursday, July 26, 2007

Passing Along What Needs Be

From David Codrea's: The War on Guns

Update on the BATFU persecution of Red's

Open Questions for BATFU DIO Richard Van Loan--and an Announcement

"So, Dick: Is all this publicity over your heavy-handed persecution of Red's Trading Post the reaction you were hoping for, or is this simply another manifestation of your agency's legendary incompetence resulting in "unintended consequences"?

Is all the hatred and contempt good Americans have expressed for you and your little "gang" a surprise to you, or is it just another motivating factor that drives you in your ongoing personal crusade against "shall not be infringed"?

Are you starting to feel the heat yet from your "superiors" (pity you appear to be answering to the wrong ones) for making a very public mess of what could have been a simple audit? I can't imagine they're too happy with you and your underlings right now.

Allow me to add to their--and your--discomfort, Dick. Tomorrow, I'm going to post photos of Area Supervisor Linda Young on this blog. I'm announcing it now for two reasons: first, to generate as much traffic as possible to see and spread the pictures, and also, to see if you'll try to get a court order preventing me from doing this--that'll be a story in itself. Make that three reasons: I won't mind if you sweat a bit in anticipation.

Better show this to your bosses, Dick. There isn't much time."

As soon as David offers the pic I'll be posting it here as well. Maybe even include it as a semi-permanent fixture for a while. Let 'em come after a retired Master Sergeant. Yeah, like they'd have anywhere near the balls. I ain't no band leader.

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