Saturday, July 21, 2007

Look To Your Left...No, Your OTHER Left

We've begun a new poll and I hope you'll take the time to let your feelings be known. I'm really trying quite hard to understand the rumpus about the incarceration of Ramos and Compean, will admit to be leery of anything Dianne Feinstein thinks is a good idea, and simply cannot listen to Laura Ingraham for one more nanosecond as she strives to over-pronounce everything with a latino bent, but blithely mispronounces words with other derivations. I actually began favoring her when she dove in head-first after the illegal-amnesty politicians, but am coming to the conclusion that like most of the Yellowstream media she's for whatever will give her the most viewership, or in her case, listener-ship. Lowry, Ingraham, yesterday's fill-in for Rush, Boortz, wimps all and every one weepingly chastising the government for daring to jail convicted felons.

Here are the final results from the previous poll concerning what one would do if the government came for our guns, and thank you to those who participated, thank you. I believe that all of us learn a little something each and every time we listen to our peers.

I'd Hand Them In Before Anyone Had To Come And Get 'Em 6 4%
If They Came I'd Resist 77 52%
If They Came I'd Give Them What they Wanted 8 5%
This Would Never Happen So It's Moot 7 5%
Guns??? What Guns???? 49 33%

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