Monday, July 23, 2007

The Only Ones Very Bad Enough

From VCDL email Newsletter:

2. Alexandria police harass a gun owner AGAIN!

"Here they go again. And this after Captain Aden said his officers
were going to be given more training on open carry laws.

In this case a store manager calls the police to simply make sure
that the gun owner is carrying lawfully. The police sergeant takes
it on herself to change that simply request into a demand that the
officer "kick him out."

Another officer whose badge should be taken away from her.

I have sent the Captain an email already on this:

About an hour ago, I was asked to leave Barnes & Noble at 3651
Jefferson Davis Highway (Rt. 1) in Alexandria under threat of
"something very bad".

I got a couple gun magazines and took a seat in a big comfy sofa
chair and plunked down to start reading. I was sitting, with a stack
of 3 magazines in my lap, so it'd be pretty hard to see whether or
not I was carrying regardless. No problems... for an hour and a half.

At around 10:45, without warning, a hand waved in front of me because
I was in Condition Magazine, and the usual, "Are you a law
enforcement officer?" was asked. I replied no.

Sgt. Mucci: "Why do you have a gun then?"

me: "Personal self-defense."

Sgt. Mucci: "Come with us, and I'm going to have to see your
concealed permit if you have one as well."

I then noticed that there was another officer behind me, and I
replied, "Is there a problem? I'm open carrying so I don't need a
concealed carry permit, and I've open carried here many times before,
what's the problem?"

Sgt. Mucci: "Come with us, we'll talk about this outside."

I asked, "Am I being arrested officer?"

Sgt. Mucci: "No, you'd be in cuffs by now."

I asked, "Am I being detained officer?"

Sgt. Mucci: "No, but if you don't come with us, there'll be something
very bad."

You can go and read the entire horror story if it pleases you, but the bottom line is police harassment ones again rears its anti-2nd Amendment, ugly head.

A patron of Barnes and Noble was escorted from the store by officers. They were not asked to do so by any of the stores employees, but took it upon themselves to break the law by unlawfully detaining a law abiding citizen. Wanna hear what the Supreme Court itself has to say on the matter?

“An arrest made with a defective warrant, or one issued without affidavit, or one that fails to allege a crime is within jurisdiction, and one who is being arrested, may resist arrest and break away..."

The law of the land states that you CAN fight back if you so desire. They'll gang up on you and kill you of course, so that's why we do not. They get away with acting in this manner because they've anointed themselves as being above the law and have armed themselves with weapons far superior to our own so as to make the playing field decidedly one-sided. These officers were pissed because the man was carrying a gun. And he wasn't a cop so why the hell should HE be allowed to arm himself? Beginning to sound more than a wee bit akin to how the Brits were acting before we fought back and sent them packing?

Dark days are ahead of us should we let this continue on to its logical conclusion. Our eventual disarmament because we're simply not important enough to be allowed to protect our own lives.

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