Monday, July 23, 2007

Democrats set for YouTube debate

"The US Democratic presidential hopefuls are preparing to take part in the first debate to use only video questions submitted online by the public.

The link-up by broadcaster CNN and the video-sharing website YouTube is being hailed as a political milestone."

Stop the presses, stop the presses...

So instead of calling in or emailing questions, they've decided to have them made available via video. Big frickin deal. They STILL won't ask anything pertinent, and no answers worth a damn will be forthcoming. The democrats have but one plan and one plan only. To win. Yes, the medium IS the message, but since this will be a highly censored softball-toss it then becomes irrelevant. Stupid, even. It is IMPOSSIBLE to question people who've NEVER had an answer for anything. Anything that adults would consider worthy of consideration, that is. Hillary wants free pony rides for everyone, and Hussein wants black people to get free hugs upon demand. Free being the key ingredient, so that all those not wishing to work for a living can still prosper.

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