Thursday, August 21, 2008

2 more IMPD officers face discipline

"Two more Indianapolis police officers are in trouble after internal investigations, police said Wednesday.

Officer Christopher Poindexter, 34, was arrested Aug. 14 after, police say, he filed a false report to cover up an accident in which his fiancee sideswiped a vehicle while driving his department-issued cruiser.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief Michael Spears also suspended and is seeking to fire 10-year veteran James Ingalls amid allegations that Ingalls had sex with a prostitute while on duty.

The latest actions come two days after the suspension of an Indianapolis police officer for policy violations and weeks after a series of criminal misconduct allegations involving seven IMPD officers since April.

That makes 10 officers either arrested, jailed or under investigation in the past four months, prompting some local leaders and activists to call for greater scrutiny within the department."

I'm in agreement with David at The War on Guns from whence I derived the link to this tale of woe. Having been associated with entities far larger than the Indy Metro PD, its totally unheard of for TEN, count 'em, TEN, employees of ANY company to be connected to criminal activity, and in four months, no less.

It begs the question as to precisely how many cops are dirty at any given point in time. Shame the Feds don't have the stats on this, or maybe they do but it escaped my notice. Regardless, this isn't just the obligatory reference to "a few bad apples", on the contrary. If TEN were caught, you can bet even more were dirty, and thats an epidemic.

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