Saturday, August 23, 2008

Florida neighborhood preparing to take up arms in crime-plagued area and become a "locked and loaded" community...

Hollywood - "Leaders of a crime-plagued neighborhood near downtown are tired of talk and task forces. Instead, they're taking up arms and preparing to become a "lock and loaded" community.

Members of the Royal Poinciana Civic Association say they want to start working with a Texas-based gun-rights organization and a local weapons-training academy to verse residents on gun laws and self-protection.

"It is unfortunate, but it really has come down to this," said the association's president, Jack David, whose neighborhood is surrounded by cheap motels, slum apartment buildings and a large cluster of social service agencies.

A number of residents have already signed up for courses at the 911 Store in Hollywood, a weapons shop and training center. The group has also been in contact with the Texas-based Second Amendment Sisters to teach them about gun laws, said David.

Police Chief Chad Wagner, a task force member, said the neighborhood has the right to arm itself, but he's concerned about creating a dangerous situation.

"I am strong advocate of the Second Amendment, but you can go from being a victim to someone being prosecuted very easily," he said. "My fear is that someone is going to get into trouble, or hurt."

Strong advocates of the 2nd Amendment don't try to instill fear in innocent people by drumming it into their heads that "someone is going to get...hurt."

Damned straight someone is going to get hurt. That's the whole point. The police and politicians don't have the will to take back towns like Hollywood, Florida, and since they won't, the citizens will. Yet another nice little town turned to hell by the minorities that leech off of the liberal teat, and wouldn't it be nice if the cops pitched in to help train the citizens in stead of tsk-tsking that all thats going to happen is people are going to get themselves into trouble.

But hells bells, people, you don't need them. Chances are once you familiarize yourself and get some practice time in, you'll be a helluva lot better with a firearm than most of the beat cops, and as long as you learn the laws and keep a cool head, well, this isn't rocket science. Florida law says that you can use lethal force to protect yourself, your family, friends, and property. You can even stop a felony in progress if you so desire, and if you do happen to drop some scumdog neither he or his family can sue you in civil court. There are LESS restrictions on your use of guns than those the police must abide by, and thats a good thing.

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