Monday, August 11, 2008

Federal Judge Upholds Gun Ban at Atlanta airport

ATLANTA — "A federal judge on Monday upheld a gun ban at the world's busiest airport, dealing a blow to gun rights groups who argued a new Georgia law authorized them to carry weapons in certain parts of the Atlanta airport.

U.S. District Judge Marvin Shoob expressed concern that allowing guns at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport could cause significant economic damage and could be a "serious threat to public safety and welfare."

His decision rejected a request by that would have temporarily allowed gun owners to carry their weapons in the airport until his final ruling on the gun ban — a challenge that could likely last months.

The legal showdown erupted when the state law that allows people with a concealed weapons permit to carry guns into restaurants, state parks and on public transportation took effect on July 1.

City officials quickly declared the airport a "gun-free zone" and warned that anyone carrying a gun there would be arrested.

Gov. Sonny Perdue, who signed the bill into law in May, supports the lawsuit. The Republican suggested that his own wife might want to carry a firearm for long walks between the parking lot and the airport's terminal.

City officials have angrily fired back, arguing that allowing some residents to carry guns at the airport could pose a dire threat to the millions of passengers it serves each year. Even an accidental firearm discharge, they say, could cause mayhem.

"First, you're going to have a stampede," said Robert Kennedy, the airport's assistant general manager."

So whats to stop the same stampede if and when a cop...who by the way negligently discharge their weapons a helluva lot...does an oops, Robert? Why the differentiation between the moderately familiar, such as the police, and the highly familiar with firearms owners such as me and mine?

You're just happy to have a special class of people, aren't you, Robert? Take a check, pal, and lemme know if your copy of the Constitution says "We The Fuzz".

And not for nothing, but its the hysterical blissninnies such as yourself who create all of these sheep just waiting for a reason to stampede. The day we begin telling the soccer moms and the old folks to mind their own business and get used to the idea of their fellow citizens exercising their rights is the day this phony hysteria starts to go away. They could be as easily stampeded, Robert, were someone to begin shouting "FIRE!", so don't tell me that you're going to preempt free speech too.

Someone screws the pooch, they pay for it. Why is that so difficult to understand? Robert?

And to Judge Shoob, I hope you burn in hell you traitorous scumbag.

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