Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Would-Be Obama Assasins Had Massive Arsenal!"

"Three "bigoted meth heads," armed with high-powered sniper weapons, were consumed by a seething hatred of Barack Obama, federal authorities said Tuesday.

Authorities recovered a terrifying arsenal that could have been used in a shocking attack: a Remington 270 sniper rife, a Ruger 22-250 sniper rifle, boxes of Remington and Winchester ammo, two-way radios, bulletproof vests, camouflage and wigs."

Funny. I checked both Ruger and Remington websites and found no mention of sniper rifles. Just hunting.

Ruger M77® Hawkeye®

The New Ruger M77® Hawkeye® rifles are the latest iteration of one of America's classic modern firearms. Placing special emphasis on features shooters want -- like the crisp LC6™ trigger and newly contoured and checkered stock -- Ruger Hawkeye rifles deliver a new level of performance and value. The Ruger M77 Hawkeye rifles are available in blued & walnut or synthetic & stainless configurations, and are chambered in a wide variety of popular cartridges, including the new .375 Ruger.
BEST FOR: Hunting.

Model 798™ Rifles. Proven on Safari. Made Affordable By Remington. Model 798™ Centerfire Rifles

You know of course that neither GINGER ADAMS OTIS in Denver nor TODD VENEZIA in NY, would have a clue as to what to call these TERRIFYING ARSENAL weapons. Wonder who it was that told them they were military sniper rifles? Most bolt-action rifles these days don't even come with iron sights, making scopes a necessity, so it couldn't have been that. Could it?

By the way, the rifles, the ammo, the scopes, the bullet-resistant vests, all perfectly legal in Colorado. Don't know about the wigs. They, in fact, could be terrifying.

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