Monday, August 11, 2008

Council Member Hopes to Cut Down Murder Rates

"Councilman Kenneth Stokes said he wants to get guns off the streets. He claimed too many people buy guns from pawn shops. He's hoping to ban those stores from selling firearms. Stokes said he may bring up the idea in the next council meeting as an emergency item.

He said he has yet to look up the law that allows pawn shops to sell guns.

Stokes also wants to encourage people to turn in their guns for cash. He hopes Crime Stoppers will increase the amount they'll pay people to turn in a gun.

When asked about a person's right to own a firearm, Stokes had this to say.

"These same people. They're talking about having the right to a gun, if their children were dying, then they'd change their attitude. What we have to do is make the city safer. After we do that, then everybody can have a gun."

In my hometown, 98% of all gun crimes are committed by blacks and hispanics, with 97.5% of these crimes committed against blacks and hispanics. The mayor of my old haunt has a plan to curb such violence. He wants to keep guns away from EVERYONE, because it just wouldn't be right to focus on any particular race or ethnicity.

Then there's this idiot Stokes who believes that criminals are buying guns from pawn shops. Well, he REALLY doesn't think that, not in a million years. He's black, and the black power elite have failed their people miserably, so when something SHOULD be done guys like him go after everyone BUT the ones doing the bad deeds. If all of his constituents who deserved to go to jail WENT to jail, then who the hell would be left to vote for him?

Besides. Its always been easier for the cops to go after the law-abiding than catch those scary ass criminals.

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