Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obama: McCain ‘Doesn’t Know What He’s Up Against’

RALEIGH, N.C. — "A combative Barack Obama said Tuesday that Republican John McCain “doesn’t know what he’s up against” in this election and challenged his rival to stop questioning his character and patriotism."

That, is probably true. Not being able to think like a socialist/liberal/hate-America-first deranged and intellectually challenged cretin is something of an impediment.

Say what you will about John McCain, and I for one have said plenty, the man loves his country. Barack Obama on the other hand, loves nothing but the thought of turning America into a poor man's version of Europe.

Wanna talk tough, Obo? Let's see your birth certificate and Selective Service paperwork. Can't do it though, can you? Because the former is rather specific in referring to you as a moslem, and the latter might very well not exist. Doesn't give you much of a leg to stand on, calling out McCain, when you've stonewalled simple requests for information for fear of being outed as one thing or or another. Cowards fear the light of day, and hopefully America hasn't sunk so low as to elect so blatantly craven a *man* to something as important as the Presidency.

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