Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gallatin, TN Police Department A Bunch Of Crooks?

"I had a client out here who was pulled over and the police found a whole bunch of stuff in the car that they believed did not look right. Then got a search warrant and went through his house. When he was released, He informed me a number of guns and ammo were missing. Police denied taking the guns, but one of the officers in the search was latter fired for dishonesty. Of course this was after the statute of limitations had run and my client had no recourse."

The above is a comment to a report of a fellow who had his $1500 Colt 1911 taken from him by the police due to a paperwork snafu regarding his CCW permit. For over 3 weeks the cops are still looking to see if the gun in question was in fact stolen, and since that is patent bullshit its becoming apparent that they've already decided which one of them got to keep the thing and the rightful owner is royally screwed. Click here for the full story.

See, they can do this with impunity and know it. Lots of times folks inquire of me as to the difference between the military and law enforcement and my response always begins with something along the lines of "if I was stationed with even one jerkoff as twisted as the average bad cop I'd have given him the chance to make things right or flat out shoot his ass." Bad apples turn up in every bunch but cops protect their felonious brethren, making them as guilty as the gestapo assholes they defend. They are hardly an elite unit of public defenders, and at best a bothersome assembly of self-important clowns. At worst? Would-be overseers who need to be stopped as soon as possible.

Thanks to Ride Fast & Shoot Straight for the link.

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