Saturday, August 16, 2008

Disney Blinks...Sort Of

Disney narrows employee gun ban to property

"Walt Disney World decided today to narrow its employee gun ban to the actual Disney World property only -- and with that move the theme park giant got the blessing of Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum for the controversial policy.

Disney had riled the National Rifle Association, gun advocates and many Florida lawmakers earlier this summer when it declared that it had a special exemption within a new state law, and could therefore tell employees with concealed weapons permits that they could not bring guns to work locked in their cars. Disney claimed that a loophole in the new law exempts employers with federal fireworks permits -- and Disney holds such a permit.

The matter led to a still-unresolved court challenge after one of Disney's security guards tested the policy. He brought a gun to work and got fired in early July. The dispute also led to complaints filed with McCollum's consumer services division from people who wanted the attorney general to tell Disney it was wrong.

Now Disney announced it is revising its policy, though only slightly. And McCollum indicated he is satisfied with the revision, which lifts the employee gun ban on employee Disney outposts such as the company's branch offices in Celebration but not on the main Walt Disney World property.

"Our office has been in discussions with them about their original policy and the exemption they were claiming. Based on those conversations, Disney has issued a new policy that narrows the focus of the exemption they are claiming, and we believe this new policy complies with the law," said Sandi Copes, spokeswoman for McCollum."

Its still bullshit, but when a juggernaut like Disney backs off you know the law is going to be around for at least a while. The pompous business association asses were all, and I mean all, cocksure that they'd have no problem getting the law overturned right up to when the judge said, "no-way". Now they'll patiently await missteps and document every last incident where they think they can prove a gun in a locked vehicle caused harm to their business or patrons or employees, and head back to court in the not too distant future.

Go ahead. Make our day, losers. As opposed to you asswipes, I've faith in my fellow Americans.

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