Saturday, August 30, 2008

" Mother of slain teen working for a safer community..."

"More than a year after a fatal shooting rocked the Evanston community, the mother of victim Darryl Shanon Pickett is working to keep her son's name alive and pushing for stricter laws aimed at controlling senseless gun violence.

"These kids are not thinking," said Bell-Pickett, who has brought her concerns to state lawmakers. "You know kids fight all the time, but nowadays these kids pick up guns because they got in a little fight. And under the Second Amendment they don't have to tell you where they got the gun from. They should have to tell you."

Ah, sorry about that, ma'am, but until you can convince the mothers who've raised such murderers not to raise any more murderers, you can work all you want for a safer community but it isn't going to happen. And while you're at it, take a quick glance at the Bill of Rights. Please do. Then maybe the next time you feel the urge to make a fool of yourself you'll at least know which Amendment to the Constitution it is that you want to complain about instead of the killers your neighborhood mothers churn out at a prodigious rate.

And since your town saw 163 motor vehicle thefts in 2006, you might want to consider expanding your efforts against crime to include a ban on cars in the city, just so poor kids aren't tempted beyond their ability to control themselves. The money from many a stolen car goes to buy guns, and if you curtail the financing you severely impact the ability to acquire firearms.

Burglaries were up over 40% from 2005, so it might also be a good idea to prohibit people from keeping such good stuff in their homes. And speaking of homes, only 13 were torched but thats the same as '05 so no need to ban matches just yet.

But keep that in mind.

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