Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New sheriff tightens concealed gun policy

"Fewer people will likely qualify to carry concealed weapons under the new policy unveiled Monday by Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, who is battling perceptions that her predecessor handed out gun permits as political favors.

The new policy will automatically disqualify anyone convicted of a felony; a misdemeanor within the past five years; or a misdemeanor involving violence or threats. In practice, the previous administration also sifted out people with criminal records, but it was not required or set in policy.

Applicants may now have to take psychological exam or polygraph test as part of their background checks. They also may be required to get medical clearance from their doctor and the license may be restricted to whatever activity puts them at harm.

Capt. Dave Nighswonger said Hutchens will probably be more restrictive in who she allows to carry a gun for protection. The new policy warns that the permits will not be issued for political, social or reasons other than safety.

"I think the reality is that less will go out of here," Nighswonger said.

Hutchens had earlier announced plans to review all weapons permits and revoke those that aren't issued for "good cause," a vague phrase that gives the sheriff wide discretion in who gets to carry a gun.

The gun issue is one of many facing fledgling sheriff Hutchens, who recently announced a new command staff to help with, among other things, repairing an out-of-control jail and bolstering an embarrassed rank-and-file."

Every last one of the female sheriff's in Florida that I've spoken with, or heard of, has similar problems with "allowing" concealed weapons permits to be issued for the mere asking. They've little choice, but they'll ask you to set up an appointment to discuss the matter as they try to dissuade you. And to a woman, they were elected on the platform that it's "about time to have a woman as sheriff". Say anything against them or wish to see some serious resumes, and just like those who thought Hillary Clinton to be under qualified, the word goes out that one is sexist if one doesn't simply agree that...it's about time.

What IS about time is our fighting back against these unqualified charlatans and stop electing them...man or woman...to offices they are not suited for. Take away the war against speeders, or red light runners, or scofflaws, or any of the cash generating enforcements, and we really don't need anywhere near the police and deputies we have. Detectives need help in doing the tedious footwork necessary to investigate real crimes so cops are necessary, but we've simply got to get the police back on track.

Soon. Very, very, soon.

Thanks to The War on Guns for the link.

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